How New Front Doors Can Save On Your Energy Costs

Many households do not even realise how much their old door is costing them on their energy bills...

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New Front Doors Do Save On Energy Costs!

The average home uses about 30% of their energy on heating and cooling, which is why it’s important to make sure your doors are working properly. When your doors are not functioning properly, you can see a big spike in your energy usage.

With increased attention being given to the environment and our carbon footprint, it becomes more important than ever to keep our doors functioning properly.

Here are some ways you can help reduce the cost of your energy bill this winter:

>> Replace old or broken sealant with new weather stripping

>> Weatherstrip exterior door

>> Replace broken hinges.

>> Replace your old door with a new one.

It’s simple, New Front Doors Save Energy!

Beechhall Joinery have a wealth of experience in every aspect of manufacturing front doors, our workshop in London has made over 10,000 doors each with heart in the detail and forward planning to save our customers money in the long run on energy.

We have personally been thanked by many of our customers after we replaced their door(s), their gas and electricity costs came down, the house felt warmer and now do not feel any draught. 

Re-cap Ways to reduce costs

There are many simple ways you can reduce the cost of your energy bill.

#4. Replace your old door with a new one.

#3. Replace old or broken sealant with new weather stripping

#2. Weatherstrip exterior door

#1. Replace broken hinges

New Front Doors Save Energy

Our Bespoke Front Doors

Winter Ready

Houses lose an untold amount of heat through their front doors believe it or not, it’s such a common occurrence that during the colder season’s customers come to realise they’ve got a chilly draught or that the cold weather has damaged the construction of the door.

Our doors are made of Accoya timer unless specified otherwise, this allows a durable quality and a sustainable process – extremely hardwearing with several coats of paint! Protecting your door for many years to come, looking beautiful in all types of weather.

We mainly use Accoya timber for all woodwork, strong and sustainably sourced. Take a look at our dedicated Accoya Timber page to learn more about the benefits and why we use it.

The forefront to the entrance of your home.

Front Door Security

If you’ve got a dated property with the same door fitted, security is always a concern.

Whether that be authentic Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian styles, the design alongside security is something we strive for and at the heart of every bespoke door that we manufacture.

Our doors are fitted with the latest style locking systems which you can use from inside and outside.

We work with Banham security and other door hardware suppliers to provide you with a comprehensive fitting. 

New Front Doors Save Energy

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