Why should i choose a premium front door security system?

After a break-in, home owners begin looking for front door security systems to protect their property. Beechhall Joinery always provides a comprehensive range of door hardware and security options - always putting forward the system that will provide you and your family the most protection.

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Front Door Security

To ensure that your premises are safe and secure it is essential that you have a robust door security system. However, not all systems are the same, and not all systems are made the same.

A premium door security system will provide you with a much higher level of protection, but it will also provide you with a much higher level of peace of mind. This blog will look at why you need a premium door security system.

Time and time again we hear about break ins and how easy the burglars gained access, on the majority of these occasions their front doors didn’t have a sufficient security systems, this made it very easy for the criminals to get in.  Beechhall Joinery are just as obsessed with protecting your home as much as we are about the design and workmanship that goes into every front door that we manufacture. 

If you’ve got a dated property with the same door fitted, your front door security is always a concern.

Whether that be authentic Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian styles, the design alongside security is something we strive for and at the heart of every bespoke door that we manufacture. Head over to our dedicated bespoke door page to get a free site visit and quote. 

Our doors are fitted with the latest style locking systems which you can use from inside and outside.

We work with Banham security and other door hardware suppliers to provide you with a comprehensive fitting. 

Front door security

Our Bespoke Front Doors

Winter Ready

Houses lose an untold amount of heat through their front doors believe it or not, it’s such a common occurrence that during the colder season’s customers come to realise they’ve got a chilly draught or that the cold weather has damaged the construction of the door.

Our doors are made of Accoya timer unless specified otherwise, this allows a durable quality and a sustainable process – extremely hardwearing with several coats of paint! Protecting your door for many years to come, looking beautiful in all types of weather.

We mainly use Accoya timber for all woodwork, strong and sustainably sourced. Take a look at our dedicated Accoya Timber page to learn more about the benefits and why we use it.

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1. Contact us to discuss what service and product you are looking for Beechhall Joinery to provide

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3. One of our team members will organise to send your quotation by email or verbally over the phone.

4. Once the quote is confirmed, we will book in an installation date and keep you posted all the way through.

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Box Sash, Casements, Roof Lights and more. All Bespoke to your requirements.


To fit all our bespoke products to ensure the look is just right, various types of glazing from style to security.

Always Made in the UK

We manufacture every order by hand using traditional methods; from carpentry and joinery, to fitting and finishing.

Completely Unique

Every door is as individual as the home it will one day belong to. Each one is made by hand, to your exacting requirements so it perfectly meets the functional and aesthetic needs of your home.

Trusted For Over 25 Years

Our reputation for excellence in all that we do has been earned over 25 years of making exceptional bespoke front doors. As a result of our commitment to quality and service, 60% of our orders are repeat business or recommendations.

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Front door styles from Edwardian, Victorian, 20s & 30s, Georgian and Contemporary but definitely not your typical looking door. We work with character and personal touches, after all it is your home and therefore it should be created to suit you. First impressions count.

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