Beechhall London - Bespoke Doors Environmental Policy

Beechall London is a responsible company in every regard and we take our commitments seriously, we reduce the impact on the environment in our every day working process, keeping the same consistency of learning throughout our members of staff and our clients. 

Beechhall London’s commitments:

  • Using eco-friendly materials and methods where completely possible
  • Promote a range of products that are sustainable to our work and the environment
  • Aim to reduce carbon emissions from our fleet of vehicles
  • Reduce our electricity consumption in our offices and showrooms. 
  • Reduce harmful emissions and fuel consumption by works and personal vehicles
  • Help raise awareness of actions that impacts the environment.

How we’re going to meet our commitments:

Every policy and promise has to have a process to stick to to enable our company to continue respecting the environment, our methods to ensure our commitments are seen through are those such as:

  1. Educating eco style driving to all of our drivers and fleet operators 
  2. Recycling in and out of the showroom / offices
  3. Only print where completely necessary
  4. Working with technology to keep our business digital
  5. Use refillable ink cartridges for all our printers
  6. Any old or broken electrical goods to be disposed of using registered electrical removal companies that are WEEE certified.
  7. Our job routes to be planned before leaving to ensure the shortest distance is used
  8. Documents such as invoices, drawings, contracts etc to be emailed as the default method of delivery