Accoya Timber 

Beechhall Joinery is an Accoya Approved Manufacturer.

Accoya long life modified wood has become the timber industry benchmark for performance and sustainability. No other timber can offer this combination of stability, durability and versatility.

Accoya Timber- The Future

Sustainability | Longevity | Investment

Accoya timber represents a significant advancement in the field of sustainable building materials. Developed through a proprietary process known as acetylation, this timber undergoes a chemical modification that enhances its durability, stability, and overall performance.

Unlike traditional wood treatment methods, which often involve the application of toxic chemicals, the acetylation process used for Accoya timber is environmentally friendly.

This not only ensures that the timber is less susceptible to decay and insect attack but also makes it an ideal choice for projects seeking to meet stringent environmental standards.

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Aesthetically, Accoya timber offers considerable versatility. 

Accoya Timber retains the natural beauty and warmth of wood while providing a highly durable material that can be finished in a variety of ways. Whether left untreated to weather naturally or coated with paints and stains, Accoya timber maintains its aesthetic appeal over time.

This flexibility makes it a preferred choice for both traditional and contemporary designs, allowing builders and designers to achieve their desired look without compromising on performance or sustainability.

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Our reputation for excellence in all that we do has been earned over 25 years of making exceptional bespoke front doors. 60% of our orders are repeat business or recommendations.

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