The Worlds Most Famous Front Doors

We go over some of the famous front doors across the world, some date back hundreds of years and are absolutely incredible.

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The Gates of Paradise

This is the Gates of Paradise located at the Baptistry of Florence, Italy. It was created by Forentine Goldsmith and the a famous sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti and ages back as far as 1425 and 1452. Everyone across the world knows this famous front door!

The attention to detail of this seventeen-foot-tall, three-ton bronze door is one that stands strong in terms of design and sustainability!  

Unfortunately the door was dismantled in 1943 due to WW II but went back in 1948. After 1990, the entire door was dismantled again for a complete restoration and replaced with a replica. 

Famous Front Doors

Chepstow Castle Doors

These doors were the forefront to the Chepstow Castle in Southern Wales, UK. The castle was first built c. 1067 CE and then was furhter extended around the year 1190 by a Sir William Marshall.

Known to be the oldest castle doors in Europe, they were covered in iron plates to so that they’ll be impregnable to fire and battering. 

The castle now hosts a replica version but the originals are in fact, displayed in the castle. 

Famous Front Doors

Attribution: Andy Dingley, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Holy Door

We feel that this door is one of the most striking doors in the world, the Holy Door at St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome. This door is only ever opened once in a holy year, meaning once every 25 years. It was designed by Vico Consorti, the detailing is precise and striking. When the time comes to open the door, the Pope will strike the brick wall behind the door with a silver hammer, so that it opens. 

This wall is then completely demolished so that the pilgrims can enter through it!

Famous Front Doors

10 Downing Street

We’re a company based in the heart of London so are proud to see and write about this door, 10 Downing Street, London. The property is over 300 years old and contains over 100 rooms. 

The door has a famous shiny black gloss coating (it used to be green!), constructed with a bomb-proof metal!

It also cannot be opened from the outside, so there’s never a chance of them losing their keys 😉 

Every prime minister since the year 1997 has lived here!

Famour Front Doors

Our Bespoke Front Doors

We Love Doors!

We produce traditional & contemporary style joinery that is all handmade by our team of skilled joiners that have over 25 years’ worth of experience. They can replicate and manufacture any type of project you are looking to achieve.

In collaboration with our very own glass & glazing division, we now have the means to supply an array of glazing products, such as single-glazed, double-glazed & toughened units that can accompany your door order.

Every door and timber sash window is carefully planned from the design to completion, creating nothing less than perfection. Have a browse through our case studies to see some of our most recent work.

Front Door Security

If you’ve got a dated property with the same door fitted, security is always a concern.

Whether that be authentic Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian styles, the design alongside security is something we strive for and at the heart of every bespoke door that we manufacture.

Our doors are fitted with the latest style locking systems which you can use from inside and outside.

We work with Banham security and other door hardware suppliers to provide you with a comprehensive fitting. 

Winter Ready

Houses lose an untold amount of heat through their front doors believe it or not, it’s such a common occurrence that during the colder season’s customers come to realise they’ve got a chilly draught or that the cold weather has damaged the construction of the door.

Our doors are made of Accoya timer unless specified otherwise, this allows a durable quality and a sustainable process – extremely hardwearing with several coats of paint! Protecting your door for many years to come, looking beautiful in all types of weather.

The forefront to the entrance of your home.

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